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A Simple Guide for Name Change Advertisements in Anandabazar Patrika

Changing a name is a significant step that might be necessary for various reasons, such as personal preference, marriage, divorce, or legal requirements. One crucial part of this process is publishing a name change advertisement in National or Regional newspapers. This blog will explain what is a name change advertisement is, when it is necessary, what are the requirements for publication, and how to book a classified name change ad in Anandabazar Patrika newspaper.

What is a Name Change Advertisement?

A name change advertisement is a public notice that announces your decision to change your name. It serves as an official record, making the name change known to the general public. This ad is typically published in a widely-read newspaper to ensure that it reaches a broad audience.

When is a Name Change Advertisement Necessary?

Publishing a name change advertisement is often a legal requirement in various situations, including:

  1. Passport Purpose: If any spelling error in name in any document while apply for passport
  2. Marriage: If you take your spouse’s last name after marriage.
  3. Divorce: When you revert to your maiden name or choose a new name after divorce.
  4. Personal Reasons: Any other personal reason where a name change is desired and needs to be legally recognized.

Requirements for Publishing a Name Change Advertisement

Before you can publish a name change advertisement, you must have ertain requirements:

  1. Affidavit: Obtain an affidavit from a notary public, stating your intent to change your name, your current name, your new name, and the reason for the change.
  2. Drafting the Advertisement: Draft a clear and concise advertisement including your old name, new name, and any other relevant information. Typically, the ad should include:
    • Old name
    • New name
    • Address
    • Date of affidavit
    • Declaration statement

Ad Samples of name change ads published in ABP Newpaper



How to Book a Classified Name Change Ad in Anandabazar Patrika via Ads2Publish

Anandabazar Patrika is one of the most widely-read newspapers in West Bengal, making it a suitable choice for publishing your name change ad. Ads2Publish is an excellent online platform for booking your name change advertisement in Anandabazar Patrika. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using this platform

  1. Go to the official Ads2Publish website (
  2. Choose Anandabazar Patrika from the list of newspapers.
  3. Select “Classified Text” or “Classified Display” depending on your preference and budget.
  4. Navigate to the classifieds section and choose the “Name Change” category.
  5. Provide the necessary details, including your old name, new name, address, and the content of the advertisement.
  6. Select the date when you want your ad to be published. Ensure you choose a date that gives you enough time to complete any remaining formalities.
  7. Preview your advertisement to ensure all details are correct. Make any necessary edits.
  8. Proceed to the payment section and make the necessary payment through available options like credit card, debit card, net banking, or other online payment methods.
  9. After payment, you will receive a confirmation receipt with the details of your booking. Keep this receipt for future reference.


Publishing a name change advertisement is a crucial step in making your new name official and recognized. Ads2Publish makes it easy by providing a simple and efficient way to book your name change ad in Anandabazar Patrika. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily book a classified name change ad in Anandabazar Patrika and complete your name change process efficiently.


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