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Kayastha wanted groom matrimonial ad samples published in Times of India

Detailed information about the bride’s family background, educational qualifications, career goals, and desired qualities in a potential partner. These ads are designed to attract suitable matches from within the same community or culture who share similar values and beliefs.

Matrimonial Ad Sample of Wanted Groom for Kayastha community. They’re published in a special section called “Times Soulmate” in the Sunday edition of the Times of India.
Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 1

SRIV Girl Nov/ 91 /5’5″ BtechIT, b’ful working pune, veg, Nodowry, Kayastha only call  9695985686 / 9158637378.

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 2

B.TECH/ CDAC 92/5’3″ Srivastava very fair working in Pune from Lucknow base family seeks Prof. qlfd match M: 7985120322

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 3

MA Journalism graduate Columbia Univ NY USA, b’ful, tall, fair, May 93/5’4″, staying in India, from well stled West UP Saxena doctor fmly seeks PQM. # 9837025925 Em: meeta.rni@gmail.com

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 4

MBA (oprations) kayastha 19 Jan 91 N.M 4″/11 smart working girl FMCG MNC Gurgaon 45 LPA SEEK PQ MATCH MO 9818074610

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 5

SM 4 B.TECH Girl 29/5’1″ Fair, Non Manglk, NVeg, Kayasth, Wkg in MNC Delhi 13LPA. Pref IIT/IIM/NIT/ MNC/ Class1Govt in Delhi NCR. Ph-9717371995

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 6

BHATNAGAR 1990/158 BTech b’ful fair slim wkg NCR, Father Retd Power Corpn. Caste no bar. Contact Mob: 8954336788 (Whatsapp)

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 7

MEDIA Prof., Feb 91/5’1″ Wkg in MUM. Father Retd PSB Officer, Seeks Prof. Qual Boy. 9450444676, 9721988999, ketanbrh@gmail.com

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 8

ARCHITECT (B.Arch),Saxena Kay frm wl edu.fmy 30 5’2″NM bfl wkg girl fm G.No ida seeks boy Del/NCR upper caste no bar. 9810171920

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 9

SUITABLE match for 30yrs /5’4″ B.Tech, Working at TL in Wipro. 20 LPA Kayasth Smart Girl UP. W’ap 9695456145, 9415444067.

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 10

SAXENA 25/170 cm/MBA fair slim, tall wkg MNC Gurugram, Lucknow based Family seeks match # 7007164363 9415007016

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 11

SAXENA 96 bfl V fair slim, 5’6.5″ LLM, MNC, Rptd Fmly Noida Seeks Alliance Qlfd. civil Serv. Fthr Ex-Dir Prof PSU # 9811414100

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 12


Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 13

WRKG. kayastha manglik 5’3″/1997 MA (Eng) Family Central Govt, pref. NCR Based Govt. & Manglik Boy Contact (Father) -9412840820

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 14

PQM4 V.b’ful fair 32/5’8″ B.Tech MS(US) SW ENG wkg MNC USA. To relocate in Ind ia.Need w’sttld PQ, SW, IT, etc from upper caste. 7772871111

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 15

SM4 Shrivastava very fair, Nov 1989/5’6″,PG in Microbio logy, PGDCA from Bhopal, Parents are bankers, Caste no bar. W: 9810829138/9981791560

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 16

SM Pref Delhi/NCR based for B’ful Mathur Girl 32/160cm/4.2 LPA, Post Graduate, Nutritio- nist in Reputed Delhi Hospital. Call/Whatsapp: 9650998800

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 17

B.TECH, pursuing MBA, Tech Lead MNC Pune 85/163/ 16 LPA Saxena Gori,slim conv CNB, fthr rtd Lko 09454619900 Email:asxenalko@gmail.com

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 18

PQSM for Saxena software engineer, 29, 5’2″, based in Pune. Caste no bar. Contact 9425079234, hksaxena58@ gmail.com.

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 19

MATCH for Saxena unmarried girl. April 1988/ 5’7″ Govt. Veterinary Doctor, Upper Caste Acceptable. 9928940141, amitsaxena.jpr@gmail.com

Ad Sample Wanted Groom Kayastha – 20

SAXENA Nov. 1994/5’2″/BT (CS)/ MBA (Data), wrkg. Bglr, Big4/14 LPA, NM, smart, fair, good looking girl, Seeks well settled IT Sector boy:9914516989


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