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Garhwali Matrimonial Wanted Bride Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Bride for Garhwali which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 1

MATCH for Manglik Garhwali Rajput (Bisht) Boy, 28/ 5’6″ MBA working reputed MNC in Noida, Salary 4 LPA seeks Beautiful Working Garhwali / Kumaoni Rajput girl # 97XXXXXX18,

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 2

SM4 Garhwali Brah 38yrs/ 5’9″ Divorcee MBA wkg MNC Bengaluru 30 LPA. Father retd Govt.officer.094XXXXXX41,

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 3

SM 4 Garhwali Rajput boy Assistant Manager in State Govt. Undertaking. 1990 born 5’5″, Dehradun based reputed nuclear family. Contact Em:

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 4

SM4 Garh.Rajp. boy MS, PhD (USA) 31,6’1″ wrkg USA seeks good looking Garh/Kumaoni Rajp. Girl pref.B.E./B.Tech/ M.Tech.Cont 98XXXXXX31 Send BHP to

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 5

GARHWALI Br. boy 27/7/ 85 at 6 pm MBA wrkg MNC Mumbai pkg 17 Lac p.a Mobile:8171XXXX82 Mail ID:

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 6

GARHWALI Brahmin 89/ 5’8″ BTech working Noida, 12Lacs per annum. Wanted working girl in NCR. Contact: 94XXXXXX22.

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 7

DEHRADUN bsd Garhwali Brah. boy 89/5’8″ B.Tech Sr. SW Engr MNC Noida 12.27 LPA seeks Garh. Br. girl serving NCR or PO Bank transferable NCR # 941XXXXX22

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 8

29/ 5’11.5″ h’som BTech, Group Mngr B’lore, high Kumaoni Br status fmly seeks b’ful prof qlfd, status fmly only, high Kum/Garh, North Br. 8979674141, 9412XXXXX22.Em BP to

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 9

SM4 Ansh. Mglk. Garhwali Rajput 11.7.86/Kanpur/5’9″/ 5:45pm B.Tech Wkg MNC/8.5 LPA pref.wkg girl.94XXXXXX14 /

Wanted Bride Garhwali Sample – 10

SM4 Garh Raj Boy 08.05.88 /3:25PM FBD B.Tech WKG in MNC. Pref Girl BE/B.Tech /MBA.# 991XXXXX56.


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