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Kayastha Matrimonial Wanted Bride Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Bride for Kayasth Community which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 1

Saxena fair,h’sme,Oct84/6’1″ MBBS MD (Micro) SR.AIIMS-Bhopal10LPA seeks Manglik/N.Mglk,P.Q.Girl#9425608-592 Eml : sarikavip@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 2

NON -Workg/Freelance for Saxena 28, 5’6.5” Pilot 50 LPA+Perks, Early weddg. Pref 24-26 Yrs, E: rks130655@gmail.com 98396D3779,8318027025 NO dowry

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 3

BUSINESS fmly in B’lore seeks alliance for 25/5’7″ h’some boy Wrkg as BDM in Ireland Caste no bar#9845166702; jitprakash27@Yahoo.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 4

SM4 Sri 5’11” 24.7.1882, Wkg in Media, Noida, pref working girl, no dowry. PH: 9891480607 niteshprasad123@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 5

NIGAM Anshik Mglk 86/5’5″ B.Tech Sr.Engg in MNC 6+LPA seeks b’ful qlfd Wrkn girl. M:094l5197744. Email: nigamarjun1990@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 6

SRIV. PhD. Lko bsd NM 32/5’7″ Lecturer Degree College seeks Lucknow based wkg Girl. M: 7607576768, Email: muditsrivas.mudit@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayastha Sample – 7

33/5’11” H’sm Btech / MBA(US) wkg-Pwc Chicago / Mgr / $160K P.A. seek PQ grl, Caste No Bar M: 9415047996 Em: gyanchandra62@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 8

5’3”/M Jul’83 smart progressive BTech MS (Australia). Sr biz analyst @ big pharma in Hydbd. Jaipur-based Kaystha. Parents retd. frm reputed govt. orgs. Email al1iance2207@gmai1.com M 09829270320

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 9

SRIVASTAV boy 5’11″/ 82/Btech IIT owns software co, req. tall, fair edu girl from Edu family- 9412519251, manrish2661@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 10

SAX fair H’sm NM MBA Oct.83/5’7″ LKO bsd Industrialist Fthr rtd Ch. Engr(Rly) seeks b‘ful, slim PQM frm stts fam Uppr Caste No Bar. Contact: 09793582255, Email: pravinpradhan9@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 11

WORKING non-manglik girl for son 29/ 5’7″ BE belonging to UP at PUNE 12 LPA. Contact: 9411717272 / Email Id: saxenapoonam882@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 12

SRIV Kay441l26,12.11.85/15. 45/Bhusawal 5’10”,B.tec.MBA Wkg. TV serial co.Mumbai.seeks PQ gori,BF Wkg.job trans’ble 2 mum.9013137696,01125504884, vbs59.mtnl@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 13

PQM 4h’som Saxena Lko bsd NM 87/5’5″ M.Tech wkg Swedish MNC GGN 8.5 LPA seeks Kay NM wkg girl. #7080996089 E-m: saxena0394@.gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 14

PQM4 Kayasth Boy 28/ 5’10” B.Tech TLPA TCS LKO seek b’? girl Father Gazetted offr 9415608412,9415423781 peekay.sri@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 15

SM4 Sri N/M boy 35/5’10” B.Tech Mgr top MNC GGN 18 Lpa Lko based seek B’ful edu girl. # 9839914499, 7388111107, Email: akmr.lko@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 16

PQM4 Sriv upper mid. class 31/ 170/ 28 LPA CTC, BALLB, NLU, v.fair, non-mglk, Wrkg NBFC, Mumbai. # 9839273634 Em: namo031960@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 17

SM4 kayastha, handsome boy /Nov 89/5’10”/B Tech NIT / NM / SW ENG/ BLR/ 28 LPA/ seek preferred BLR Wrkg girl, E: mvsaxenal948@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 18

SM4 Handsome Boy born Aug’87, Handsome Salary, Working in Bank at A’bad. 9904542828, 9537652417

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 19

SM4 Bhatnagar Boy Issueless Divorce July 83/180 MBA Wrkng@HDFC JPR, Em: bhatnagarmatch@gmail. com, Mb: 9967363815

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 20

SRI h’some,86/5’11” NM B-Tech, B’nes Analytic IIM Wkg 9.5Lpa Seeks B’ful Prof Edu Wkg girl UPR CNB 09717692859, siddhmatri17@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 21

SM4 June 74/5’10” Fair,Hand some,Bachelor,MBA boy 9 LPA looks much younger. Mobile:7310434427, Email:kaalika49@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 22

SM4 Mathur MBA Sep 88/5’6″ Manager HR MNC Delhi Prf. NCR Working. Send BHP E: mathur0920@gmail.com Mob. 9410828416

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 23

DESIRES a B’ful, Pretty, Tall, well educated, cultured hmly girl for a tall,H’some, Fair,Good lkng, Smart, electronic engineer Saxena boy studied from UK,32 yrs age a solar power developer & food B’ness earning good monthly income,Own spacious residence in prime loc of Gurgaon & good number of properties, hvng parents & a sister (Caste no bar) Correspond: 9810563510 msneelam.prakash@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 24

SAXENA NM fair boy 5’10” April’81 M.Com MBA, Wkg MNC Ggn, 16Lpa 09910668386 / 9560647474 / 0120-4105577 , bpsaXenal53@gmail.com

Wanted Bride Kayasth Sample – 25

REQD. Qlfd B’Ful Wrkg Girl Pfrd. Kayastha for handsome Boy 30,5’8″ B.E. M.B.A. Wrking with Pvt. Co. Mumbai 5 L Pa-Whatsapp- 9890639962.

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