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Kshatriya Matrimonial Wanted Groom Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Groom for Kshatriya which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 1

PRETTY Bhadauria Mglk PGDM IMT 27/5’2” wkg. MNC Ahd. seeks PQM Class-I Ofcr/ Top MNC Exec. # 9648395287, Email: spsb66@gmail.com

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 2

DELHI based SM4 Jadon Thakur girl 1.8.88, 6.25am,5’4″ LLM Advt in Delhi,fair 12Lpa Fthr leading Advt. 9411838312 E-m: singhritul@gmail.com

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 3

PQM4 Rajput Chauhan Girl Vats Gotra,27/5’3″B.Tech(IT) wkg.as System Analyst MNC Noida 14Lpa,W'(U.P)#9643022 806. E: akssing90@gmail.com

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 4

KSHATRIYA girl Lko bsd 24/5’3″ Fash. Dsg (NIFT). Boy emp. in Govt job pref. E: akh ilendra.lucknow@yahoo.in #8318082890, 9198887744

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 5

KSHATRIYA girl 29/5’4″ Bhardwaj gotra, M.Com B.Ed TET pass, Teacher in own reputed College, seeks suitable match(own caste). 9839222346

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 6

FAIR 30/5’4” Kalhans Angrish BDS Dental Surgeon Delhi seeks IAS PCS IIT Dr. 9415531179, 9415006041, dksingh.pnb@gmail.com

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 7

KSHATRIY Raghuwanshi (Caste No Bar) 30/5’9″, Convent Educated BHMS, Father Retired Bank Officer. Contact: 9826177236, 0755-4013580

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample -8

KSHATRIYA girl, Vats Gotra, 32/5’3″ Manager Bank of Baroda, Father Quasi Judicial Officer. Only Rajput. Contact: 9651118899, E-mail: sicraj.singh@gmail.com

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 9

KSHATRIYA Kashyap Lko bsd veg girl Mass Com.,Amity 27/ 5’4″, Father Engr UP Govt seeks well stld boy. 7838288250 E: zoomtoanuj@hotmail.com

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 10

KSHATRIYA MD/MS boy for reputed Chauhan fmly of LKO for daughter 89/5’2″ fair b’ful doing M.D. (Gynaecology) 9415002854.

Wanted Groom Kshatriya Sample – 11

KSHATRIYA (Bais) girl 25/5’7″ B.Tech., b’ful seeks Class 1 (Govt. job) preference Western U.P. Father Director A.H.U.P. #7318554577. E-mail: singhap1956@gmail.com


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