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Maheshwari Matrimonial Wanted Groom Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Groom for Maheshwari which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Groom Maheshwari Sample – 1

HANDSOME match for fair , smart / beautiful Maheshwari 25/5’5″ cultured girl , , MS wkng with a fortune 500 Company in Portland US, pref. tall, qlfd & well settled on West coast US. Mail biodata & photo : 991xxxxx44,

Wanted Groom Maheshwari Sample – 2

SM4 Maheshwari b’ful girl 1987 wkg in MNC Seeks wkg well Edu Boy, Pref Maheshwari. Mb: 9xxxxx2865, Em:

Wanted Groom Maheshwari Sample – 3

SM4 B’ful 5′ , 30.01.1989 BE MBA Maheshwari girl wrkng Mumbai 10Lk, Groom Mumbai based. whtsap 941xxxxxx46

Wanted Groom Maheshwari Sample – 4

SM4 B’Ful Fair 5’5″ / 2.1.1988 MBA Veg. Maheshwari Girl Wrkg Mumbai 15+ LPA From Resp. b’nes fmly Caste No Bar.

Wanted Groom Maheshwari Sample – 5

SM4 B’ful Maheshwari girl 27/5’2” B.Tech MBA working in MNC Pune from UP Eml: Mob: 9997xxxx78

Wanted Groom Maheshwari Sample – 6

SM4 B’Ful Fair 5’5″/2.1.1988 MBA Veg. Maheshwari Girl Wrkg Mumbai 15+LPA From Resp. B’nus fmly. caste no bar BHP:

Wanted Groom Maheshwari Sample – 7

SM4 B’ful/Fair 5’8″/01.8.90/ 19:40pm,Manglik Girl(sarda) W’ Cultured fmly.Send BHP to Mob-099xxxxxx50,08xxxxxx600


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