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MBA/CA Matrimonial Wanted Groom Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Groom for MBA/CA  which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 1

PQM4 CA, CS, 20.2.85/ 5.55am/ Jaipur/ 5’.4” NM, Fair, Punjabi Girl, working 24 LPA Em: steja20@gmail. com Mb: 946XXXXX97

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 2

SEPT’84 BHM Girl CA working in MNC looking for qualified Boy from Mumbai only. Caste no Bar. 96XXXXXX63 Em :

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 3

PQSM 4 B.Com, MBA girl PB KH/NM/TT/Veg/82 born Fmly oriented wkg as Mngr MNC Bank Mum. Send BHP Em:

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 4

MUMBAI based Bengali girl born 86/5’3′ fair M.Com CA working in Mumbai. Seeks Qlfd.well settled in Mumbai/ Abroad. Caste no bar. Call:986XXXX752 Email:

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 5

KAYASTH v.fair b’ful girl 5’7″ / 84 Grad LSR(DU) MBA (IIFT) Top MNC 26 Lpa.Seeks PQM.0982XXXXX28,982XXXXX01

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 6

PQM4 Jaiswal CA/B’ful Girl 5’5″, Dec 78 wrkg Delhi. Seeks well Edu./Stld Boy Del/NCR. Cont : 981XXXXX50/9810XXX66 Email :

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 7

GROOM 4 B’ful Pb. CA Girl 26/5’7″, in own practice from respectable fmly Boy should be CA in practice or willing to stld in practice frm respectable fmly settle in North Del. CNB. Bhp:

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 8

38/166 Looks 25 b’ful senior Exec fortune 6 US MNC MBA IMT (G) Cmpltd US HO 6 mths tenure L1 Visa valid2019 S.dli Br Fmly Fthr X Pres.Birlas. Eml:

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 9

COMPATIBLE match for Cambridge Post Grad Consultant with world body 36y i’less divorcee,UK bsd match pref E :

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 10

SM4 V’bful fair slim NM PB girl 22-3-85 4 PM Kanp 5’5″ CA wkg MNC NCR 13+Lpa. Father, Bro CA seek Prof H’edu / B’ness C’shavn.Upper Cst no bar.95XXXXXX41, 933XXXXX50 E:

Wanted Groom MBA/CA Sample – 11

PARENTS of pretty daugtr, hghly edu, PG cultd, widely travled, in teaching, 73born. Seek wel stld,hghly edu,good persnlty SM frm rspctble Hindu/Christ fmlys.Send BHP Box.No DEL231305CTimes of India, New Delhi – 110103


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