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Muslim Matrimonial Wanted Groom Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Groom for Muslim which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 1

SUNNI Syed/ Sheikh status fmly boy below 28 yrs for b‘ful 23/ 5’3″ LKO BSD convt edu BA LLB career oriented girl. Cont: WhatsApp/M: 9839378206

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 2

PROF qlfd match for Sunni Muslim, G.L’king. charming Girl, MBBS /MD 28/5’3″ (Div) Wrkg in a rpt‘d hosp. in Delhi E:

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 3

SUNNI Muslim Ansari 30/ 5’2″ b‘ful girl MSc PHd RA in JNU Delhi seeks Prof. Qlfd W.setld Boy M: 9910630134 Em:

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 4

SM4 Sunni Sheikh 25/5’2” (Elect 8: Etrx), PGDC from NPTI, Delhi wrkg with Sterlite Grp. # 7665014141

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 5

SYED Sunni 29/5’3” cultured fair convent. C.Govt. Working in Delhi, seeks working Shurfa family Groom. 9811296003

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 6

PQM4 Del bsd 25/ 5’3” slim v’fair B’ful Muslim Sunni Siddiqui girl MBA (Pharma) Jamia Hamdard wrkng in MNC Gurgaon, prfbly frm Del/ NCR Caste No Bar. Fthr Dir(s) GOI. Mobile: 8800441927 Send Bio & Pic to:

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 7

SUNNI Malik b‘ful 25/5’4″ B.Tech (CS) Namazi girl Lko based seeks qlfd s’tled (Upper Caste) match. E-ml:

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 8

SM4 fair, b’ful, Sunni Muslim girl, Grad.(DU), 31/5‘3″, Wrkg in Pvt. Company, No Dowry, Caste No Bar.Mob: 9873003315 E :

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 9

SUNNI sheikh B’ful girl 5’3″/27 BTech wokg INFOSYS, Father high post PSU, Mother Asst Professor UP based, stld Delhi. Seek SM sheikh smart tall / MBA/ CA/ Engrs good background. Cont: 9650994440, Em:

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 10

PQM SM b‘ful fair 30/5’5″ Convent Edu, namazi girl, NET-JRF pursuing PhD Delhi Caste no bar M: 09414603646,

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 11

SUNNI Syed Kolkata based only daughter 22/5’6″ b‘ful slim, conv edu pursuing MBA sound fmly seeks a s’ttled boy within 26 yrs. # 07003859946 SUNNY syed beautiful fair tall slim 30/ 5‘4″/ highly qualified homely religious girl, reputed family email

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 12

SM sheikh siddiqui, BBA ,Dip. in German lang. pursuing MBA 26 yrs ext’ly b‘ful wrkg in reptd MNC seeks SM4 # 9718335602 E:

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 13

PQM4 Delhi Bsd 91/5’6″ very b‘ful Sunni Muslim girl, MBA (Jamia), wkg in Delhi. Pref. from Delhi/NCR. #9540242615 E:

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 14

DELHI Ansari family girl. B’ful convent edu, highly qualified 25, 5’3 Seeks Well settled & qualified boy from respected family #989908-5402

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 15

SM4 B’ful, fair convent well edu. religious girl 25/5.7” reqd. well qld,settled, upper caste boy Delhi/NCR 9350119521

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 16

WELL reputed Shia Syed family seeks match for their daughter fair b‘ful Conv. Edu. throughout topper, Medico (MS Gynec & Obs) 26 yrs 5’2″ Sect no bar. Mb: 9829072299

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 17

SHAIKH/ syed 36yr 5’5″ h’mly religious masters in eng girl frm West up pref Delhi NCR. Emil: #92l3199884

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 18

SUNNI Shaikh 5’3” BDS, MDS (Endo) Std. J uly85 Born & 5’-4” MBBS Girls Seeks Dr/Engg. Boy. 9997665141,

Wanted Groom  Muslim Sample – 19

SUNNI Pathan girl 26/5’4″ B’ful M.Com B.Ed seek Govt. employe/High class b’ness. Early marriage.M:9236801606 +918187999179.

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 20

SHIA /syed girl B.Tech MBA 31/5’3″ w’plcd mngr in MNC at USA, seeks SM rptd fmly,undr 35yr boy w’qlfd&plcd. 9643377637,

Wanted Groom Muslim Sample – 21

MANSOORI MNC Working Girl, Namazi, Fair Slim B’ful, 30/ 5’3″, B Tech, 17LPA, Contact: 9416623041, Email:


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