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Punjabi Matrimonial Wanted Groom Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Groom for Punjabi which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 1

PQSM 4 PB girl 89/5’4″, B.Tech/MBA, Wkng Delhi bsd h’sts b ‘ness fmly Pref. Delhi/NCR : 9811461985 E:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 2

SUITABLE match for Dr. MS (E NT) working as “Sr Resident” in reputed hospital of S.Delhi, daughter of punjabi South Delhi industrialist family Oct 1984/5’2″, very fair, slim and cultured girl. Seeks h’some and well educated boy from Prof./ business background. Call- 9910501194, send biodata & photo to:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 3

HIGHLY placed match for a very beautiful doctor Punjabi girl 28, 5’5″ from a very high status family doing residency in USA. Short marriage dissolved. Contact Or 09819487557

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 4

SM4 Never Married Punjabi Khatri Fair Qlfd Working Girl 6:28pm 15-Jan-84/5’4″ Delhi. BHP: 9811476810, Email:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 5

PQM4 Noida bsd B’ful,Pb. Kh.girl 155cm / 28.10.84 / 11:15am (H) FD (nift) # 9910718577, Email:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 6

B.TECH MBA Punjabi girl 157, 4/8/1987 2.40 p.m. AGRA, Working Bangalore, Lko based family – 8175059105,9621805804, e-mail:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 7

SM4 Del based 2 Pb Khatri Cousin sisters 1) slim 28 / 5′ 5″ M.Com, B.Ed. Self Employed. 2) 27 /5′ 8″ Post Grad. Wkg Bank officer # 9868188252, 9810664142

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 8

SM4 NM FAIR, CONVT, EDU MBA NWKG Girls 31.07.80/6:22AM/ Gwalior/5′-2″ & 15.10.89/09:05PM/Gwalior/5′-2″ Mob. : 09829057710, 07587509781. Mrg Bureau Excuse. Em :

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 9

SM 4 NM b’ful, Graduate Punjabi Khatri homely girl 28/09/82, 7:40 AM panipat, 5’1″ Contact: 9896236789

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 10

SM4 b’ful NM Pb Khatri girl 31.03.89/ 5’7″ wkg as Jr Scientist in Central Govt at Noida. Contact- 9650997348. Send BHP to

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 11

PB Mglk girl, 0’7.01.1987/13:10 hrs/Delhi/5’4″ Wrkg in MNC GGN, seeks tall PQM earning >12 Lpa. #9811703569,

Wanted Groom Rajput Sample – 12

WANTED qualified tall handsome, Sikh Khatri/Arora match from a business class family for tall, fair extremely Beautiful, 1985/ 5’7″, Sikh girl. 9810150566

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 13

PQM 4 Punjabi Khatri I’less Legally Div. Smart B’ful Girl 39 PG Landscape Arch. Sr. Position. Father Sr. Retired Offer. Bother Dr. # 9818807343 Em:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 14

PROF. Qlfd. Boy for B’ful, Slim, Fair Malhotra Wkg. Girl 162/ 16.12.1992/ 4.45am/ Jaipur; M.Com., Company Secretary; Em:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 15

SM4 talented,Wrkg,b’ful Sikh Khatri girl 5’8″ Delhi bsd, 12Lpa, 29yrs,caste no bar. settle in Delhi/Ggn/Noida. 98l0121666,

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 16

MARCH 81/5’5″ PBJ Kshatriya Girl Conv 8: Cambridge UK Edu., salary 7 fig in Del. Seeks Well edu. & settld prof of similar status. 9425604338

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 17

PQM4 Punjabi girl v.fair, b‘ful 27.1.88, 6 am Faridabad/ 5’7″ MBA wkd. in Bharti Axa Gen. Insurance Co. & M.R Univ. 9810445175

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 18

PQSM 4 PB girl 88/5’4″, Masters/ Mass Comm., wkng Delhi bsd b’ness fmly Pref. Delhi/NCR : 9899116664 E:

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 19

PUNJABI mglk, BTech (CS) girl,5’2″/89/7:06 pm Delhi, 12+Lpa, seeks mglk boy, pref. B.Tech. E: 269968727638

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 20

PQM for B’ful Pb. Arora Girl 5’2″/23.07.84, 10:15pm Delhi B.Sc, B.Ed Electronics wkg in SBI 4.5Lpa Mob:- 09718356511 Em:-

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 21

PQM4 Pb Kh b‘ful slim 5‘4″ Dec 86, BDS, MBA health wkg top corp. hosp. Delhi. Upper middle class, well placed fmly

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 22

SM4 Pb/Kh M.A/B.Ed girl 16/5/1987/1.16pm/5′ Teacher in Loreto School Kolkata (M) 9831127335. Email at :

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 23

EDU. b’ness/profstld boy for 29/3/86 5’5″ MBA girl frm wellest. b‘ness fmly. #9818024400

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 24

Excuse Marriage Bureau. PUNJABI Bride, H-5’5″, Age-27 yrs, Colour fair, PG. Bhopal looking for Groom High profile businessman. #9893263520. No Agents pls.

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 25

BFUL, divorced pb grl, M.A, Med, UGC, June 8 84 (5:26am), need well educated boy, contact @7535029414 or

Wanted Groom Punjabi Sample – 26

DLI bsd stus sikh SC. Fmly lokg PQSM4 dghtr (MBA)TISS 87/5’7″ (NM) MNC. HOD (HR) 30+ LPA Pref. India/ US#9818542779 Email:


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