SC/ST Matrimonial Wanted Groom Ad Samples published in Times of India

Following are few Matrimonial Ad Samples for Wanted Groom for SC/ST which has been published in Times Soulmate which is special matrimonial feature in Times of India Newspaper publishes on every Sunday.

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 1

KORI 5’2″/32 M.Tech Lect in Govt seek Engg/Dr/Same profession edu. fmly UP/NCR DLH. Prfd. C:88XXXXXX95

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 2

SM4 Jatav girl 27/5’5″ wkg IT offcr bank M’bai. Seek Govt. offcr/MNC MBA boy wkg M’bai Pref. 94XXXXX322.cast no bar.

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 3

SM4 Jatav Fair B’ful Slim 1982/5’2″ Perm. Asst Prof. DU from v’edu & rptd fmly. E: Cont: 88XXXXXX43, 98XXXXX136

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 4

M4 fair Jtv Grl 35+5’2″ MA PGD Retail Mgmt. Wkd 9Yrs Mngr MNC 6LPA. Now strtd busns hvg Store. Fthr Rtd DGM PSU. N.Dli bsd fmly. No bar. E: M: 99XXXXXX38, L:011-25XXXX058

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 5

SM4 mahajabi sikh (SC) b’ful Smart girl Aug 87/5’4″ MBA wkg in MNC Del good pkg fthr CL-1 offcr (retd) #98XXXXXXX7

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 6

JATAV Girl 3/81, 5’2″ B-Arch (spa) PG NID Ahmed.,Sr. Associate Designer in NID Kurukshetra (HR), seeks PG MTech, M-Arch B’ness. Caste no Bar. Em: praveen84@gmail .com, 88XXXXXX46, 85XXXXXX19

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 7

SM4 fair b’ful Anshk. Mglk. Addharmi grl 5’5″/ 25/5/1985 frm h’stts fmly La. Martiniere conv edu grad LSR PG Mass Com. E: Kulwchip #99XXXXXX00

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 8

SMF fair beautiful (SC) girl 27/12/1988, 5’x2″, B.Tech, MBA working in Pvt Sector at Delhi, Caste No Bar, contact on 011 65XXXXX5 or Email:

Wanted Groom SC/ST Sample – 9

SM4, Meerut based Jatav girl 26/5’6″, very fair doctor (MBBS) pursuing for PG. prefarably from Doctor/ Engineer/Govt. Officer. Father Class-I Officer Mobile: 941XXXXX96, 989XXXXXX3


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