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The Hindu: A Pillar of Indian Journalism

Established in 1878, The Hindu has stood the test of time as a cornerstone of Indian journalism. Originating as a weekly publication, it evolved into a daily newspaper in 1889. Today, it ranks among India’s foremost newspapers and holds the distinction of being the second most widely read English-language newspaper in the country, following The Times of India. As of March 2018, The Hindu is published from 21 different locations spanning 11 states in India.

A Legacy of Excellence

With a history spanning over a century, The Hindu represents a legacy of exceptional journalism in India. Owned and published by The Hindu Group, it is headquartered in Chennai. Its journey from a weekly publication to a daily newspaper reflects its unwavering commitment to delivering timely and insightful news.

A Trusted Voice

In the contemporary landscape, The Hindu enjoys a distinguished status as one of India’s most respected and preferred English-language daily newspapers. Its readership extends across the nation, encompassing a vast and engaged audience. The newspaper is celebrated for upholding the highest standards of journalism, earning the coveted title of a ‘newspaper of record’ in India. This signifies that The Hindu’s coverage and reporting of the latest events, both in India and around the world, are held in the highest regard for their authority and authenticity.

Reaching Millions

With an estimated daily circulation surpassing 1.4 million copies, The Hindu is the newspaper of choice for over 2.2 million individuals across India and beyond. It is published from 21 diverse locations, including Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Madurai, Noida, Visakhapatnam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Vijayawada, Mangalore, Tiruchirapalli, Kolkata, Hubli, Mohali, Allahabad, and Kozhikode, among others.

A Global Presence

The Hindu’s appeal extends not only within India but also to non-resident Indians living abroad. It has earned the trust and affection of its readers, serving as the preferred English-language newspaper for millions. The newspaper delivers the latest news from across the country and around the world, along with a diverse selection of content spanning sports, entertainment, business, editorials, opinions, and letters.

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