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Simplifying and Enhancing Divya Bhaskar Classifieds with Ads2Publish: A Seamless Way to Advertise

In the realm of modern advertising, the process of booking Divya Bhaskar newspaper advertisements has undergone a remarkable transformation. Gone are the days of cumbersome procedures and intermediaries; today, the digital landscape offers streamlined and cost-effective solutions. The emergence of online platforms has not only simplified the booking process but also expanded the options available to advertisers. In this context, Ads2Publish has emerged as a pivotal player, revolutionizing the way classified ads are booked in Divya Bhaskar, a prominent Indian newspaper.

The Traditional Challenges of Booking Newspaper Ads

Historically, booking newspaper ads involved engaging various agencies or agents to secure placements across different publications. While these intermediaries facilitated the process, they often came with additional costs. The convenience they offered was accompanied by a financial burden, making advertisers question the efficiency of such an approach. Moreover, the limited scope of mediums offered by these agents restricted the advertisers’ choices.

Online Advertising: A New Horizon

With the advent of online advertising, a vast array of opportunities opened up. The digital landscape allows advertisers to choose from a wide range of mediums without incurring any extra charges. This shift has empowered advertisers by giving them more control over their campaigns. For those interested in booking classified ads in Divya Bhaskar, the introduction of Ads2Publish has brought unprecedented convenience and flexibility.

Diverse Categories in Divya Bhaskar Classifieds

Divya Bhaskar, a renowned Indian newspaper, offers a plethora of categories under which classified ads can be placed. These categories cater to various needs and preferences, encompassing matrimonial, property, recruitment, business, personal, obituary, travel, services, lost and found, change of name, retail, computer, astrology, court notices, and public notices, among others. This diverse array of categories allows advertisers to tailor their messages to specific audiences.

Extensive Reach of Divya Bhaskar

With a daily circulation of over 8 lakh copies, Divya Bhaskar commands a significant readership across multiple cities in India. This widespread readership ensures that any message conveyed through its pages reaches a diverse demographic. Businesses and individuals seeking to engage with a broad audience find Divya Bhaskar to be a valuable platform for their advertisements. The newspaper provides advertisers with the option of choosing between two formats: classified text and classified display.

Classified Text and Classified Display Formats

Classified text ads are the traditional format, composed of running text that is charged based on the number of words used. These ads are easy to spot within the newspaper’s layout. Advertisers can enhance their classified text ads using features like background colors, borders, and fonts. On the other hand, classified display ads are more visually engaging, often incorporating images, logos, or graphics alongside the text. While these ads command a higher price due to their visual appeal, they have the potential to captivate busy readers’ attention. The cost of classified display ads is determined by the space they occupy within the newspaper’s layout.

Ads2Publish: Streamlining the Classified Ad Booking Process

Ads2Publish emerges as a game-changer in the realm of classified ad booking for Divya Bhaskar. The platform is designed with the advertiser’s convenience in mind, offering a three-step process to streamline the booking experience. The aim is to make advertising hassle-free while providing a wide range of options to help advertisers achieve their goals effectively.

Step 1: Choose the Category and City

The process begins by selecting the desired category from the comprehensive list of options available in Divya Bhaskar. Whether it’s a matrimonial ad, a recruitment notice, or a service offering, the platform covers it all. Following this, advertisers choose the city in which they intend to publish their ad.

Step 2: Select Publishing Date and Craft Ad Content

After selecting the city, advertisers can choose the publication date from a calendar. This feature allows for strategic planning, ensuring that the ad reaches the desired audience at the right time. Crafting the ad content is the next crucial step. To assist in this, Ads2Publish provides classified samples in both Gujarati and English, making it easier for advertisers to create compelling content.

Step 3: Review and Payment

The final step involves reviewing the cost and booking details. Ads2Publish provides a transparent breakdown of expenses, empowering advertisers to make informed decisions. The platform supports various payment options, including Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, PayTM, and Bank Transfers. This flexibility ensures that advertisers can choose the payment method that aligns with their preferences.

Exceptional Advantages of Ads2Publish

One of the standout advantages of Ads2Publish is its authorization as an online ad booking platform. This status allows Ads2Publish to access direct ad rates from the publication house, eliminating any additional commission charges. This transparency fosters a sense of trust and reliability, enhancing the overall experience for advertisers.

Customer Support for a Seamless Experience

In the event that advertisers encounter difficulties during the booking process, Ads2Publish offers robust customer support. Whether through phone calls at 8121003003 or emails to customercare@ads2publish.com, advertisers can seek assistance from knowledgeable executives who are dedicated to resolving any issues promptly.


The landscape of newspaper advertising has evolved dramatically, thanks to platforms like Ads2Publish. What was once a complex and expensive process has been transformed into a seamless and cost-effective solution. Ads2Publish’s user-friendly interface, comprehensive category options, and transparent pricing make it an ideal choice for advertisers looking to engage with Divya Bhaskar’s extensive readership. By providing advertisers with the tools they need to create impactful classified ads, Ads2Publish continues to shape the future of advertising, one convenient booking at a time.


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